1. An agent of Cleveland Utilities' Engineering Department must locate the physical location of the meter base and the point of attachment for service conductors per the State of Tennessee Code Annotated sections 68-17-113 and 68-17-150.

2. Meter bases shall not be less than 3 1/2 feet nor more than six feet above final grade.

3. Meter bases shall be installed on an exterior wall in a location accessible to Cleveland Utilities personnel.

4. Meter bases shall not be recessed in structure walls, nor enclosed.

5. Meter bases shall not be permitted in carports, breezeways, stairways, or walkways.

6. Meter bases shall not be located where it will cause a hazard to persons or be subject to damage.

7. Meter bases shall be mount level and plumb.

8. Meter bases are the owner's property and responsibility to maintain.

9. Lead anchors or toggle bolts shall be used on concrete, stucco, block, brick, or masonry walls.

Plastic fiber anchors will not be allowed.

10. Boards or wooden supports are not permitted between the meter base and the building wall.

11. Contact Cleveland Utilities meter department if you have any questions concerning the installation of self-contained meter bases for loads exceeding 200 AMPS or for all installations requiring current transformers.

12. Meter bases shall be grounded with a #4 or larger solid copper conductor, connected with a ground rod clamp to a 1/2" or larger diameter approved ground rod driven eight feet into the earth. The top of the ground rod must not extend above the earth and shall not be cut off.

13. Overhead service attachments shall be a secondary class cleaves with a glass spool insulator and must be attached to the rigid conduit or be bolted through a wall stud or a masonry wall. A screw knob type attachment will not be accepted.

14. Meter bases and service entrance installations must meet all the requirements of the present National Electrical Code, state, and local codes, and Cleveland Utilities requirements.

15. All installations must be inspected by the appropriate inspecting authority before electric service can be connected.

16. All installations must be brought to these standards when any rewiring or remodeling is done.

17. Failure to comply with any of these requirements will be cause for Cleveland Utilities to withhold or discontinue electrical service until these requirements have been meet.